Our Approach: Crowdsource with Cameras

lvl5 is unique among HD mapping companies: We are able to build our maps using only video, GPS, and CAN data. Unlike traditional providers, lvl5 does not need to rely on LiDAR to build its map. This capability is important for two reasons: 1. It allows lvl5 to achieve much better road coverage (mapping roads that would otherwise be ignored) and 2. Enables lvl5 to achieve an industry-leading map refresh rate (the time between updating changing features on the road). Other approaches might be quicker to get working for Proof of Concept work, but they won't work in the long run when autonomy scales. We believe that making sure our technology works everywhere is worth investing in the extra-difficult engineering challenge.

Iterative Deployment with Map Tiers

Contrary to our eponym (SAE Level 5 autonomy), lvl5's HD map is designed to support not only full autonomy, but also progressive Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) features. For full hands-off autonomy, the map must be impeccably accurate (Tier 1). But, like most sensors, the input doesn't have to be perfect in order for the map to be helpful. This is why we also allow access to our Tier 2 and Tier 3 maps. These map tiers support ADAS systems by allowing them to trust their sensors (like radar) more heavily.

Tier 1

Highest Accuracy Maps

  • <10cm feature accuracy
  • Supports lvl5 Localization
  • 1-2MB / km
  • Thousands of static features
  • Traffic Light Lane Assignment
  • Lane Lines and Drive Lines
  • Speed limits and Ideal Human Speed
  • Road Boundaries and Free Space
  • Static Radar Targets

Tier 2

High-Confidence, Good Accuracy

  • <45cm feature accuracy
  • Supports lvl5 Localization Beta
  • 200kb / km
  • Tens of static features
  • Lane Lines and Drive LinesBeta
  • Speed limits and Ideal Human Speed
  • Road Boundaries and Free SpaceBeta
  • Static Radar Targets

Tier 3

Supplemental Maps

  • ~50cm feature accuracy
  • 30 kb / km
  • Stop Signs & Traffic Lights
  • Stop Lines
  • Speed limits and Ideal Human Speed

Common Questions

How are HD maps different from regular maps?

Regular maps (like Waze and Apple Maps) are routing maps intended to help human drivers figure out how to get from A to B.
An HD Map is a machine-readable, 3D representation of the static features in the driving environment. For autonomous cars, these "static features" include things like road signs, traffic lights, curbs, and lane-lines.

What is the coverage of lvl5's map?

lvl5's mapping products span 15 countries. We are currently focused on expanding coverage in the United States. We have over 500k miles of mapped roads in USA, including every major highway and interstate. Other countries will follow soon.

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How accurate are lvl5 maps?

Depending on the number of trips collected and other factors, the features in our maps are ground-truthed to be between 5-50cm of absolute accuracy. Based on our confidence in the road (determined by the quality and quantity of data received), we classify each road as Tier 1 (highest accuracy) through Tier 3.

What map formats does lvl5 support?

lvl5 supports all open and non-proprietary industry map formats including OpenDrive 1.4, GeoJSON, KML, Shapefile, and lvl5's custom binary format. We are capable of converting to OEM custom formats. Contact us to learn more.

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